If you are pasionate about fashion, technology, entrepreneurship, travel, architecture, societal causes, music or literature, art in a large way, gastronomy, briefly, if you have such a lifestyle you are more than welcome. Our Style section ‘Attitude’ is aimed as both HEG aspirants seeking elegance and manners advice as those already initiated into gentleman’s sartorial fashion and « good manners ».


We hope with your support, to contribute to the expansion of the Afropolitan’s lifestyle.

MR AFROPOLITAN is a participatory concept brand, a pioneer webzine if we can say so. You will provide to the world what modern afropolitans men live, love, think, share, and their aspirations.

Set the trends to inspire people.

  • Share your vision about the Afropolitan’s lifestyle through your experience.
  • Post articles, photos and video reports on topics that always inspire you and related to the Afropolitan lifestyle
  • Speaking about gentleman manners in front of situations as well comical as ordinary.
  • Do you know a topic about the afropolitan life that might be interesting for our audience? We will be pleased to hearing from you.

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